Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're Pregnant!

As we go through different stages in life our nutrition does as well.

Recently, I have entered into a new stage.....the mac & cheese, carbs please, smoothies sound scrumptious stage of life aka the pregnancy stage! Yes, you heard it....J and I are expecting our first baby in February. We are feeling very blessed and excited.

I have been feeling pretty good minus the "did I just get off the silly silo?" queasies all day.

Because of these I find it hard to crave some of foods I used to like a big spinach salad.
I have to find ways to disguise the putting broccoli in mac & cheese. Which by the way I haven't had mac & cheese since college, but saw it on tv one day and declared, "yep, want some of that!" I also add canned tuna for an extra omega 3 nutrition punch (making a smart baby or at least hope he/she has better math skills than me).
(mac & cheese from the Atlas, downtown Iowa City)

It's not that I really have specific cravings, I just want foods that sounds good to an upset stomach.

Have you ever taken a multi vitamin on an empty stomach and got some serious nausea from's like that.... but ALL day. There's no such thing as "morning sickness" can be "noon, dinner, midnight sickness." I think a guy made up the term morning sickness so women would shut up about feeling sick by noon. Not gonna happen.
I can't complain though, have only had to hug the porcelain a couple times. J's sweet and brings in water and holds back my hair. He said that's what the "book" said to do.

I have managed to keep up some exercise. The biggest obstacle holding me back is I have NO desire to do it from being tired and queasy. However, I have found that it makes me feel incredibly better. So I try to get in a swim, bike, run, or crossfit.

As I begin the 2nd trimester I'm hoping I will feel more energized and less sick. Therefore, I am contemplating training for the Des Moines half marathon...we'll see.
I told J, I think it would be fun to do a race while preggo....he reminded me I already had....the HyVee Triathlon (unknowing, I was 3 weeks along), so much for waiting to "try" till after the tri.

(I had no idea!!!)
We thought 12 weeks would be a good time to make the "social network announcement." However, our family and friends have known for a few weeks now.

We told my parents and Matt out in Glacier. We were all making a champagne toast to things we were thankful for, I was last....and I bet you know what I said.

Mike and Kelli and Bryan, Marie and Emmerson were next with these candy bars:

J's family came the next day while having dinner at his parents. We gave his mom and gift to open:

Everyone is very happy and excited for us. We are blessed to have such wonderful families to introduce Baby S to.
We had our first doctor's appt the other week. We got to hear the heart beat which was AWESOME!!!! It really made it feel official. 175 bmp. WOW! He/she must be running around in there.
As J and I lay in bed at night, each with a baby book in hand, we pray for a healthy baby and thank God for this wonderful oppurtunity to start a family.

I will be continuing to update you on the baby's and my belly's progress as I just can't contain my excitment!
Until next time...
look good, feel good, do good


  1. YAY! I craved mac and cheese with both my boys! And yes the sickness lasts all day... but it is worth it. Hopefully it will get better (and for me I wasn't as sick with my second boy :) ). You look great. PS we need to celebrate our bdays with some TCBY!

  2. We are THRILLED for you two! What a lucky baby to have you guys as parents. Congrats from Texas!

    Love, The Reeds

  3. Congrats! The second trimester is the honeymoon one- enjoy it! :)

  4. Yay - that's fantastic news! I am 18 weeks now and I had that same sickness the whole first trimester - but feeling much better now. I was right there with you on the carbs and I couldn't touch raw veggies the first three months but am now back to enjoying them - as long as there's a nice hunk of protein to go along with it :)
    CONGRATS Cousin!