Monday, August 10, 2009

Unfortunate Media - GMA and nutritionist

GMA Weekend had an irresponsible and outrageous segment featuring Kimberly
Snyder as a "nutritionist".

She gave misinformation about eating fruit at night, sugar and mood,
artificial sweeteners, soy protein isolate and even watermelon.

This is why society has the wrong idea and misleading information about nutrition. This is why people are so confused on what is perceived to be "good" and what is perceived to be "bad."

The term or title "nutritionist" is vague and can be used by anyone...meaning a PhD or a personal trainer. Why would you not to go to someone who has had the extensive education, proper instruction, and is regulated.

On my website I describe the difference between an RD and a "nutritionist."

The following is from a fellow RD, who put it nicely regarding some of the issues with this "nutritionist" and the statements she has made.

I have read some of your comments regarding registered dietitians. Although I appreciate your enthusiasm for health and nutrition your comments are a gross misrepresentation of the RD. I am a RD in private practice, I individualize my counseling for each patient and I am very aware of all new nutrition topics and trends. I am also a fit competitive athlete and skiing coach, and daily trail run, do yoga, mountain bike climb, ski, etc. My training includes a BS and I am currently finishing a MS in nutrition, I have taken graduate level courses that have explored sustainability issues and alternative medicines. My training also included a 1200 hour, year long residency at one of the top hospitals in the world, the Mayo Clinic, obviously very well respected for their work. My training actually is based on long tern nutrition and health. My training is not unlike that of many registered dietitians and a vast majority have much more experience than I have! I also personally do not know any RD that give out a blanket recommendation for 12 servings of grains a day. I would hope that you would explore a bit more about what RD’s do and their education and training. If you have not had an intensive science background I find it hard to believe that you can understand how nutrients work in the body. I would also hope that you will refrain from discouraging anyone from receiving an actual education in nutrition or public health from an accredited university. Please feel free to email me back with any questions that I can answer for you about RD’s. There are RD’s that are experts in organics, vegetarianism, eating disorders, chronic disease management, sports nutrition, public policy, pediatrics, weight management and the list goes on. There are RD’s that are chefs and yoga instructors and personal trainers with degrees in exercise sports science on top of being experts in human nutrition. Who do top athletes use for nutrition? RD’s. They are the nutrition experts at the olympic training center and most every college and professional program out there. I would ask that you do some further research on the RD, as there are some very intelligent and progressive RD’s right there in your city.
Thank you for reading

Thanks for reading! I just wanted you to be informed!

Until next time...
Look good, feel good, do good

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