Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid Nutrition Tips and Tricks

Enjoy this educational video about nutrition for your kids:
Kid Nutrition Tips and Tricks

Ways to win the healthy-food battle:
Imprint healthy tastes- "if you only expose your baby to healthy, whole foods from the beginning, taste buds will develop to enjoy and crave those foods.: says Robert Sears, MD. Limit processed foods such as baby crackers.
Try, try again- Offer a wide variety of veggies and fruits and introduce one at least 16 times, Alan Greene, MD author of Feeding Baby Green.
Follow the one-bite rule- When kids know they only need to trey (not finish) new foods, peace reigns at the dinner table.
Presentation is everything- Grate, peel, chop your veggies and fruit. Add sesame oil, curry spice, cinnamon, a scoop of nut butter. Try making faces and shapes. Anything to add some interest in the food.
Dip it- Veggies are more fun when dunked...NOT in high saturated fat dressings like Ranch but a protein-rich, low-fat Greek yogurt....try my Green Goddess Dip.
Give you child the chef's hat- LOVE THIS ONE! Empowerment equals enthusiasm. Plus learning to prepare healthy food is an invaluable lifelong skill,, says Diana Kalnins, RD coauthor of Better Food for Kids.

Update: this podcast about breastfeeding was brought to my attention the other day!
They're not for you, they're for my baby!

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