Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Does it get better than this?

Is there anything better then sitting outside on your patio, a nice breeze keeping you at a perfect temp, the birds singing away..... and a scrumptious meal of hamburger, watermelon, corn on the cob (peaches and cream of course), and maybe a little homemade ice cream to seal the deal. Yeah... no.
My favorite meal in my favorite setting.

Try making your hamburgers leaner by mixing 90% or higher lean ground beef with ground turkey breast (has to be breast, not just ground turkey). Mix a little olive oil and chili sauce into them to help keep them moist while grilling away.

My new found favorite food item is Arnold select Sandwich Thins. Choose the whole wheat version. Less calories, more nutrients, same great taste!

Enjoy summer and the wonderful foods it has to offer!
no I'm not talking about corn dogs, funnel cakes, and fried twinkies at the Iowa State Fair
I'm talking about watermelon, muskmelon, corn, green beans, tomatoes and the list goes on!

Until next time,
Look good, feel good, do good

Sara B

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